Park safe, park smart on the Hill
Ample parking is available both on and immediately adjacent to the La G range College campus. To ensure public safety, students, faculty and staff must park in legal spaces. (Designated zones are outlined below.)

Keeping access roads open to emergency vehicles in case of fire or life-threatening events is vital to everyone on the Hill. As a result, the college enforces a tow-away zone on the fire access roads on campus. This means that any vehicle parked in an area with yellow curbing and signage is towed and fined.

The college's complete parking policy appears below. Use it as your guide to parking responsibly and safely.

Parking on the Hill

Registration of Vehicles

  • All vehicles operated on the campus by administration, faculty, staff, and students (both resident and commuters) must be registered in the Business Office and must bear a permit as prescribed by the College.  Motorcycles must also be registered.  Boats, trailers, and campers are not allowed on the main campus longer than 24 hours during the regular school year.
  • Parking decals must be affixed to the vehicle's lower left back window.  It must be clearly visible.
  • Persons authorized to have vehicles will be allowed one week from the first day of classes to register them without penalty provided they have been parking in the proper zone.  A late registration fee of $25 per month will be imposed for failing to register a vehicle within the time allotted.
  • Parking permits are valid for one year beginning in September.  Normal registration for students is during enrollment and before classes begin.  Cost of permits is prorated as follows: Fall Semester Permits, $30; Jan Term Permits, $20; Spring Permits, $15.00; and Summer Permits, $5.  This fee is assessed during the registration process and is included in a student's tuition fees.
  • A student will be allowed to register a second personal vehicle for an additional $30 fee.

Parking Zones

  • Vehicles are allowed only in the zone parking their permit indicate

FACULTY AND STAFF : Any legal parking space, including spaces on and off the Hill. [Red]
COMMUTERS : Any legal space off the Hill. [Gold]
EVENING COLLEGE STUDENTS : Any legal space on the Hill after 5:00 PM and any legal space off the Hill at any time.  [Black]
HAWKINS/CANDLER : Lots across the street from the apartment dorms.  [Purple]
HAWKES/PITTS : Any legal space off the Hill excluding the Candler/Hawkins lots as well as the lots behind Turner/Henry/Boatwright. [Green]
HENRY/BOATWRIGHT/TURNER : Any legal space in the lots behind their buildings as well as any off-the-Hill lots on Vernon Avenue.  They are not allowed in the off-the-Hill lots across the street from Banks Hall and the Chapel.  [Blue]
PRICE THEATER PARKING LOT is designated as the overflow lot for every zone.
General Regulations and Restrictions

  • All parking regulations and restrictions are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • All city and state regulations and rules, and all directional signs governing the use of motor vehicles shall be observed at all times.
  • Only so designated vehicles may park in the President's space, handicap, and visitors.
  • All curbs are considered fire zones and, therefore, parking is prohibited.  These areas will be additional ticketed by the City of LaGrange.
  • The speed limit for motor vehicles is 15 mph except where slower speed is essential for safety.
  • Vehicles must be parked within the lines provided.  Parking on or over the line or curb is a violation.
  • The person in whose name a vehicle is registered with the Business Office will be responsible for any violations.
  • Vehicles may not be backed into parking spaces. 
  • In addition to the above violations, vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed for obstruction or double parking, speeding, parking on landscaped areas, parking in a loading zone, failure to properly display the LC parking permit.


  • Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and may be towed from campus.
  • College-issued tickets run a minimum of $25; fines will increase with improper parking frequency.  Vehicles may be towed after the 5th violation.
  • Tickets must be paid; unpaid parking fines may prevent a student from registering for classes or graduating.
  • Tickets may be paid in the Security Office located in Turner Hall, Room 217. Tickets may be appealed in the Security Office within 24 hours of issuance. 

LaGrange College assumes no responsibility for the security of vehicles or their contents while on campus property.


Based in Turner Hall, security officers are on duty 24/7 on campus, monitoring both indoor and outdoor spaces. Working with the LaGrange Police Department, they help ensure the safety of college staff and students.

Over the last few years, LaGrange College has implemented $500,000 in safety and security enhancements, including additional outdoor lighting, magnetic card access to buildings, and an outdoor warning system.
In the event of a significant emergency (health or life-threatening issues), students are encouraged to call 911. However, for normal security-related issues, campus security can be reached at (706) 880-8911.

Emergency notification

 A Web-based, mass notification system called e2Campus allows the college to instantly and automatically send a message to student, faculty and staff cell phones and e-mail accounts with emergency information. As bad weather or local emergencies happen, all of LaGrange College is in the know.

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