Accountancy Department makes history

July 31, 2009

LaGrange College Evening College will expand its list of offerings this fall by adding Public Health as a major—the first of four majors to be offered in a new degree-completion format. Over the next three years, the major will be joined by degrees in Psychology, Education Studies and Business Administration.

Public health is one of America’s fastest-growing fields, according to Evening College Director Linda McMullen.
“As we see more emphasis across the country on creating healthier communities, this discipline is getting greater attention,” she said. “The field targets health education and promotion, disease prevention and improved quality of life.
“We would expect our graduates to work in the areas of public health administration, environmental health, nutrition, senior health care or nonprofit case management.”

The change to the cohort system means that once students complete their core curriculum, they enroll in a cohort—a single class of roughly a dozen students—and stay with that group until graduation. Cohorts typically meet for four hours one night a week.

The system has been used with great success at LaGrange College at Albany, and it offers several benefits, according to McMullen.

“Cohorts are able to move faster than traditional college courses, with much of the work done outside class,” she said. “They’re also known to be more supportive, since members usually build close relationships and work together toward shared goals.

“Adult students also appreciate the fact that they come to campus only one night each week.”

A typical cohort will continue its weekly meetings for 23 months to complete the requirements for the major.

Evening College provides associate and baccalaureate programs that meet the academic needs of adult learners in the region. It currently operates on the quarter system with nine-week terms beginning in September, January and March. A seven-week summer session is also offered.

For more information on Evening College or the Public Health major, contact McMullen at or (706) 880- 8298.

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