History Day 

Teachers become students at National History Day workshop

July 24, 2013

LaGrange College hosted 17 teachers from around the state July 17-19 for the 2013 National History Day teacher workshop July 17-19.

The event, sponsored by the Georgia Humanities Council and the college, worked to help instructors become better mentors for their students who participated in NHD, said Dr. Kevin Shirley, professor of history and one of the seminar’s coordinators.

“Basically, we put teachers through National History Day boot camp,” he said. “They learned what NHD is and experienced it much like their students will.”

After an introduction to the program and the 2014 theme, “Rights and Responsibilities in History,” teachers developed a topic and conducted research.  Many chose to focus on topics related to school desegregation in Georgia.

They then had to create a website on the subject and give a presentation on their work. Website construction is one of the entry categories for National History Day.

Dr. Shirley said the teachers enjoyed their experiences on campus.

“By the end of it, we had heard over and over again how valuable the experience was to learn more about National History Day, and to experience what their students would,” he said. “It gave them an opportunity to think about how they would do this in their own classrooms.”
The workshop was led by Tim Hoogland, Director of Educational Programming for the Minnesota Historical Society and State Coordinator of NHD Minnesota.

“Tim is considered one of the most experienced and successful NHD coordinators in the country,” Dr. Shirley said. “He was brilliant with our teachers.”

Loren Pinkerman and the Lewis Library staff garnered particular praise from attendees as they offered assistance and prepared a guide on civil rights and desegregation in American and Georgia schools.

“Loren and his folks were all over the place, and the attendees raved about our library,” Dr. Shirley said. “One teacher said she has three degrees, but she received more help from librarians during her three days here than she did over the course of earning those three degrees.”

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