New marketing campaign puts college in the spotlight
Dec. 8, 2010

Television and radio commercials are being rolled out as a part of a new marketing campaign aimed at increasing LaGrange College’s visibility in the region.

“We’ve found that the farther away we get from Troup County, the fewer people know about us,” said Will Jones, Vice President for Advancement. “But we also know that once people hear about the transformational experiences students have here, we have their attention.”

Jones said the goal is to raise the profile of the college with teenagers ages 16 to 18, and mothers ages 35 to 54.

“Of course, we want to attract the teenagers,” he said. “But research tells us that mothers are the greatest influence on their children about where to go to college, so we needed to reach them as well.”

Dean Hartman, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, said his office has spent weeks developing the campaign.

“After we determined who our audience was, we focused on the messages we wanted to present, such as outstanding outcomes and meaningful journeys,” he said. “We know that this institution transforms lives, so we spotlighted real students who have powerful stories to tell.”

Once the concepts were developed, they were presented to focus groups of mothers and teenagers in Newnan and LaGrange for their reactions.

“These were invaluable because they let us know where we were on the right track, and what things needed tweaking.”

Then the concepts were developed into television scripts and turned over to Explore Media, a film production company from Elkhart, Ind.

“They were filming on campus two days this month, and we are very pleased with what they put together for us,” Hartman said.

The TV commercials began running in October on cable channels MTV, BET, MTV2, ABC Family, Comedy Central, USA, Lifetime, HGTV, TNT, the Food Network, Bravo and the History Channel. They will be running Oct. 20-Dec. 15, Dec. 27-Jan. 1 and the first two weeks of March.

A Facebook ad campaign also has begun.

“We are a great college with a great story, and we want to make sure people know our story,” Jones said.

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