3D Journeys offers fun, travel, education

Sept. 7, 2011

LaGrange College’s “3D Journeys: Discover, Discuss, Develop” program is following last year’s success with more opportunities to learn about and travel the world.

“We have teamed with community volunteers to develop something we think will offer enriching opportunities and allow the college to give back to our friends and neighbors,” said Martha Pirkle, Director of Alumni and Community Relations.

During last year’s inaugural season, participants in 3D Journeys traveled to Nashville, Tenn., to celebrate the Christmas holidays. In the spring, college professors led lectures on the Georgia coast, including such topics as history, ecology, literature and coastal photography.

The lectures were followed by a trip to the coast, including a visit to Sapelo Island. The events were  hosted by President Dan McAlexander and first lady, Celeste Myall, with Professor Lisa Crutchfield providing faculty insight on the coastal visit.

“We got so many compliments on last spring’s lectures and trips that we knew we had a hit on our hands,” Pirkle said. “We got to work immediately on the next 3D Journeys.”

This year’s topic is Ireland. A preview of the series will be at 10 a.m. Sept. 26 in Dickson Assembly Room. Lecture professors will be introduced and an optional reading list will be distributed. Details and rates will be available at this meeting.

The series officially will kick off in January. Faculty members will be hosting lectures at 10 a.m. on the fourth Monday of January through April in the Dickson Assembly Room in Turner Hall.

On Jan. 23, Kevin Shirley, Associate Professor of History, will present “Medieval Ireland: Yesterday and Today.”

Kim Barber Knoll, Chair of the Theatre Arts Department, will speak on “Irish Drama and the Work of Brian Friel” on Feb. 27.

On March 26, Jon Ernstberger, Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Computer Science, will talk about “Irish Efforts at Sustainability: A Green Island.”

And Provost David Garrison will speak on “From W.B. Yeats to Roddy Doyle: Irish Lit in One Hour” on April 23.

The college shuttle will be available to take people from the parking lot to Dickson Assembly Room.  Reservations to attend the lectures are suggested but not necessary.

Attendance at the lecture series will serve as preparation for the trip, but they also will stand on their own.

For more information, contact Pirkle at (706) 880-8244 or e-mail 3DJourneys@lagrange.edu .

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