Giving Circles and Societies

Giving Circles

  • LaGrange College Fund Bridge Builders - $100-$364
    A gift of $100 can mean a big difference when it comes to strengthening the LaGrange College Fund. Gifts from alumni, no matter the amount, boost the college’s participation rates, a percentage which many foundations evaluate before deciding whether to make a gift to our institution. Alumni who graduated within five years may join Bridge Builders for a minimum gift of $25.

  • Hilltop Circle $365 (dollar a day) - $999
    A dollar a day can go a long way. The Hilltop Circle honors donors who make regular cumulative gifts or an annual contribution of $365. Your dollar-a-day commitment to the college and our students inspires all of us!

  • Pillars Circle $1,000 - $4,999
    Extraordinary lives unfold every day at the college. More than 94 percent of students receive financial assistance to attend LaGrange. Pillars Circle members enrich the learning experience for them by providing scholarships, faculty resources and student services.

  • Leadership Circle $5,000 - $9,999
    It is our highest hope that LaGrange graduates leave the Hill prepared to lead by serving others. We honor Leadership Circle members for recognizing the significant personal rewards that come when we lift up those around us.

  • Honors Circle $10,000 – $19,999
    Annual giving is the cornerstone of the LaGrange College Fund. The Honors Circle was established to recognize a generous group of donors who furnish philanthropic support annually, helping to provide steady funding and ensure success in each opportunity or challenge the college faces.

  • President's Circle $20,000 and above
    Since its founding as a school for young women in 1831, the college and its presidents have endeavored to offer an education to promising students with limited or no financial support. President Dan McAlexander invites you to invest your time, talent and treasure to help us build effective leaders through a challenging and supportive living and learning experience.

Lifetime Giving Societies

  • The Fellows Society
    The first Fellows of LaGrange College were inducted in 1981 to recognize those whose cumulative giving totals $50,000 or more. Since that time, more than 200 Fellows have been honored for their generosity.

    Their collective support helps to provide undergraduate research opportunities, new academic programs and faculty scholarship that bring the LaGrange College experience to life.

    We are profoundly grateful for Fellows Society members who make LaGrange College a priority in their charitable giving.

    Giving level: $50,000 - $249,999

  • The 1831 Society
    Founded in 1831, LaGrange College is more than the oldest private college in Georgia. It has endured civil and world wars, offered equality to women and supported the Civil Rights movement.

    At no time, not even during the Civil War, did the College's doors close. It stands as a monument to the determination of the men and women who came before us and many times sacrificed their own well-being for its survival.

    This college thrives on challenge. The 1831 Society recognizes those who, through their giving, value this spirit of courage and fearlessness in periods of prosperity and times of hardship.

    Giving level: $250,000 - $999,999

  • The Rufus Wright Smith Society
    Rufus Wright Smith's legendary presidency at LaGrange—from July 1885 to January 1915—was one of the most constructive periods in its history. In his first 10 years, enrollment increased from seven to 240 students. During his tenure, the college's property nearly quadrupled in value, and its curriculum was greatly enhanced.

    He is described as a gentleman and a gentle man. Even though the college required tuition to be paid regularly, "Uncle Rufus" was never known to turn any girl away who wanted an education.
    Together, he and his wife, Oreon, personally financed $40,000 in improvements to the college.

    Smith Hall, originally called the College Home, was renamed in memory of Oreon after her death in 1907.

    The Rufus Wright Smith Society distinguishes an important group of individuals who, through their giving, honor his vision and legacy of perseverance, optimism and compassion.

    Giving level: $1 million and above.

  • Quadrangle Society
    The Quadrangle Society recognizes a group of donors who play a vital role in the future of the college. They have made provisions for LaGrange in their wills or have established deferred-giving plans.

    Members furnish a dependable source of income for the institution beyond their lifetime and offer future generations of young people an education that transforms lives.

    Proper planning can help you and your family realize the greatest benefits from your gifts to LaGrange College. This involves choosing the best combination of assets and vehicles to accomplish your charitable, financial and estate planning objectives.

    Common types of planned gifts include: bequests, charitable remainder trusts and retirement plans. We encourage you to consult your attorney or financial advisor for a strategy that will best serve your needs.

    Giving Level: No specific dollar amount.

    For more information contact
    Mark Davis, Major Gifts Officer .

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“I can’t thank enough those who gave me a scholarship to attend LaGrange College. I’m from South Carolina, so I am greatly blessed to have someone from aother state look after me and help me out.”
– Le’Patrick Browning ’15

“The difference between LaGrange College and the other colleges I visited was that LaGrange and its staff went out of its way to welcome me and help me out, even before I became a student officially. This is what makes this college special and a home for me.”
– Katie Elder ’14