Azalea Storytelling Festival Storytellers

Nationally Acclaimed Tellers

Michael Reno Harrell - Michael Reno Harrell’s original songs and stories catch the ear and satisfy the heart. His performances have been compared to “his granddaddy’s pocket knife: well-worn and familiar feeling, but razor sharp and with a point.” Every appearance is a kind of happy potluck feast; you may not know what’s com­ing, but it is bound to be delicious.

Dolores Hydock - Life happens in the stories of Dolores Hydock, a Yankee gal with homegrown Southern roots. Like their irrepressible teller, those stories are smart, wicked­ly funny and utterly engaging. An accomplished actress and writer, Dolores Hydock breathes life and spirit into her characters - characters so real that her audiences lose and find themselves in their tales.

Kevin Kling - Playwright, author, NPR commentator, recording artist and storyteller, Kevin Kling delivers hilarious, often tender stories. Romp with him through a world at once magical, improbably mundane, wise and delightfully skewed. What else could we expect from a man who describes his zodiac sign as “Minnesota with Iowa rising…”

Bil Lepp - You just gotta hear this storyteller and author whose wild tales hang on the edge of reality. With each swing over the edge, you find yourself laughing and nodding until you are pulled into utter compliance. No matter what the subject is - plungers, hunting trips, funerals - his audiences always have a rollicking good time.


Carol Cain  - Master of Ceremonies

Our very own Carol Cain lights up the stage with her vivacious folktales, zany family stories and award-winning historical monologues. This “sweet as a Georgia peach and spicy as jambalaya” storyteller guides audiences and tell­ers with easy rapport through the shared journey that denotes a truly satisfy­ing festival.