Spiritual Life

Find meaning in all you do.
Find meaning in all you do College is a place where students learn and grow in relationships and experiences with God, themselves, the world and others. It's a lot like climbing a mountain where there are common experiences at different altitudes, no matter how far we are on the journey. If you're an alpine hiker, you know there are different band of vegetation from the base to the summit of the mountain. Topsoil gives way to rock. The air gets noticeably fresher by stages as you ascend. At some point you enter the clouds and start walking in mist. And ultimately, you have to pay more attention to your breathing.

As students begin their time at LaGrange, they will have to pay attention to their breathing as they hike the steep climb up the mountain from who they once were towards who they will become. Students, quickly discover this truth about LaGrange, both metaphorically and literally, since the main campus where the majority of classes are held resides on the tallest peak in the city and is affectionately known as the "Hill." Whether it's trying to figure out whether or not to take courses in Organic Chemistry or Moral Traditions and Contemporary Social Problems or trying to scale the steep incline from the Residential Quad, across the Gulley Gateway pedestrian bridge to the Callaway campus, or heading to main campus for class, students tire easily and become exhausted when surrounded with a multitude of paths and possibilities. Sorting out these paths can cause students to wrestle with new ideas about themselves, the world and God. And while many students may choose many separate ways of finding God in their lives, it is important to remember the common journey of the "mountain climb" that we are all taking towards the sacred to make life more meaningful.

Methodist Church Growing out of its history of service and its affiliation with The United Methodist Church, LaGrange is committed to helping students to "catch their breath" by creating a caring and ethical community that challenges, inspires, and transforms students along their mountain trek. The College offers a number of opportunities for students, faculty and staff members to celebrate life and explore God's intention for human living, especially as it relates to living and working on a college campus.




The hard questions. About your life, relationships, career, faith, God. Together we can struggle with the difficult issues facing our personal lives, our community, and our world. There is no judgment on your beliefs or non-beliefs. Whatever your background or experience, you can feel free to discover explore, and share.
So join us, and ask...

Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Learn new ideas. Talk about relationships. Study the Bible. Travel to serve others. Participate in chapel and in Spiritual Life groups. Offer your opinions. Listen to others. Stretch your mind, heart, body and soul. Be a part of a community struggling with what it means to be faithful to the Gospel of love and grace in today's world. At whatever stage of your faith journey, we seek to offer an atmosphere of supportive listening, challenging inquiry, and fun activities. So join us and grow...

To a community built on genuine acceptance, mutual respect, and supportive friendship. Experience the warmth. Know you are important and valued. Feel connected. Find support and guidance. And always come as you are to all Religious Life activities including small groups and contemporary and traditional worship opportunities, Religious Life activities are for every student regardless of faith tradition, race, gender, national origin, age or background. So join us and belong...