First Week

First Week is a campus tradition that both celebrates the students, faculty, and staff that make the College such a special place. First Week 2018 is set to last from, Saturday, August 25 – Tuesday, August 29. Although the majority of the activities are specifically designed for incoming students, there are several events that are open to the general student population. Upper-class students are welcome to attend the Spirit & Traditions Kickoff, the Beach Bash, as well as all late-night activities.

The largest events in First Week, the Spirit Traditions Kickoff and the Beach Bash, are open to all students (incoming as well as upper-class students), all faculty, all staff, and LC families. For these two events, we hope that LC faculty and staff with children will bring the kids along to celebrate as a campus community.

See the links below for more detailed information about all the activities planned for First Week 2018! If you have any questions, please contact Kayla Watson.

To attend First Week events, you must wear a wristband – you may either receive a wristband at the event or you may receive one by turning in the waiver below to Lori Harding in Smith Hall, Room 124. If you travel to the Beach Bash by any means other than a College van, you must receive your wristband from Lori Harding prior to traveling.

First Week Itinerary 


*Coding- (R) Required for all First-Year students 

Saturday, August 25thLocation 

2-2:45pm              Welcome (R) (Dickson Assembly Room, Turner Hall)

2:45-3pm              Academic Support Services (R) (Dickson Assembly Room)  

3-3:45pm              Decoding your Professors (R) (Dickson Assembly Room)

4-5:15pm              Hall Meetings (R) (Residence Halls)  

5:53-6pm              Meet your O-Team Mentor (R) (Dickson Assembly Room)

6-8:00pm              Spirit & Traditions Kickoff/Dinner on the Quad (Residential Quad)

8:30-10:30pm      Man Hunt (Residential Quad) 


Sunday, August 26th 

7-8:30am              Breakfast (Pitts Dining Hall)

9-10:15am            Chapel and Worship (Open to all faith-based backgrounds) (Chapel)

10:30-10:45am    Global Engagement (R) (Dickson Assembly Room) 

10:45-11:30am    Your Future/Your Career (R) (Dickson Assembly Room)

Noon-1:00pm       Brunch (Pitts Dining Hall)

1-2:00pm              Ethos presentation (Required for group 3 & 4 students) (Dickson Assembly Room)

1-3:00pm              Testing for group 1 students (R) (Library)

3-5:00pm              Testing for group 2 students (R) (Library)

1-5:00pm              Free time for others 

5-6:15pm              Dinner (Pitts Dining Hall)  

6:30-7pm              Honor Code Ceremony (R) (Price Theater)

7-8:30pm              Dessert at the President’s Home (R) (1102 Vernon St., LaGrange, GA 30240)

9-9:30pm              SGA Overview (R) (Dickson Assembly Room)

9:30-11pm            Hypnotist (Dickson Assembly Room)

Monday, August 27th

7-8:30am              Breakfast (Pitts Dining Hall)

9-9:30am              Head, Heart, Hands: A Wesleyan Understanding of Service (R) (Dickson Assembly Room) 

9:30am-Noon      First Week Service Project (R) (TBD)

Noon-1:00pm      Brunch (Pitts Dining Hall)

1:30-4pm              Earl Cook Beach Bash (1464 Lower Glass Bridge Road, LaGrange, GA 30240)

5-6:15pm             Dinner (Pitts Dining Hall)

8-10:00pm           Greek Game Night (Plaza)


Tuesday, August 28th

7-8:30am              Breakfast (Pitts Dining Hall)

9-10:30am            Retaking our Story: Reframing the Sexual Assault Conversation (Dickson Assembly Room)

   (Required for First-Year Students) 

10:45am-Noon   Cornerstone Meeting (R) TBD 

Noon-1pm           Brunch (Pitts Dining Hall)

12:30-4:00pm     Library Open House (R) (Library)

1-2:00pm             Ethos Presentation (Required for group 1 & 2 students) (Dickson Assembly Room)

1-3:00pm             Testing for group 3 students (R) (Library)

3-5:00pm             Testing for group 4 students (R) (Library)

4-5:30pm             Retaking our Story: Reframing the Sexual Assault Conversation (Callaway Auditorium)

    (Required for all athletes only) 

5:30-7pm             Fair on the Hill/Dinner on the Plaza (Plaza)  

7:30-8:30pm       Hall Meetings (R) (Residence Halls)


Wednesday, August 29th

7:00pm               Convocation (R) (Callaway Auditorium)


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