Business Office

Business Office serves the campus community by providing quality financial services in an efficient manner. The office is staffed by four professionals, servicing 85 end-user departments and 250 separate funds. Additionally, the staff oversees the College's student health program.

The services provided by the department include:

  • Accounts payable
  • Cashiering functions other than 
    student accounts receivable
  • College owned property management
  • Financial covenant compliance
  • Fiscal audit preparation
  • Institutional contract maintenance
  • Internal and external financial reporting
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Property and casualty insurance program management
  • Purchasing services
  • Student accounts receivable
  • Student health insurance program administration
  • Student loan credit and collection administration
  • Vendor and banking relations
Business Office Mission Statement 
The Business Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining the official accounting systems, records, and related systems of internal control of LaGrange College, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; for providing stewardship and accountability for institutional assets and all financial resources received and used; for providing services and support in the acquisition of goods and services; and for providing an exceptional level of satisfaction and efficient service for all its customers, both internal and external to the College.

The Business Office has responsibility for treasury, investments, banking services, purchasing, accounts payable, long-term debt, property records and risk management functions; for the preparation of internal and external financial reports including the general purpose financial statements; and the coordination and oversight of the external, independent audit. 

Student Health

WeCare TLC Health Services

  • Q: Who can go to WeCare TLC, Health Services?
  • A: All students can go to WeCare TLC, Health Services for "urgent" care. There is a physician and nurse practitioner on site. They are able to prescribe medications and run in-house lab work at no cost to the student. They do not provide care for on-going, medical conditions.

  • Q: Is there a cost to visit, or will there be a claim against my insurance?
  • A: No, there is no cost nor will there be an insurance claim.

  • Q: Is there a cost for medications?
  • A: If medicines are filled at WeCare, there is no cost. If you require a medication WeCare does not stock, it will need to be filled at a pharmacy at your cost.

  • Q: Where is WeCare located?
  • A: On the corner of Forrest Avenue and Dallis Street – directly across from the LC Soccer Complex.

  • Q: What are their hours of operation?
  • A: Monday/Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Tuesday/Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Closed on Thursday)

  • Q: Do I need an appointment?
  • A: YES! Please call 706.298.4914, option 1 (even though it says physician or hospital), to schedule an appointment.

  • Q: Do I need to show my student ID?
  • A: Yes, make sure you take your student ID with you.

  • Q: Can my friends go with me?
  • A: Due to limited space in the waiting area, please do not take all your friends with you!

  • Q: Do I have to go to WeCare for services?
  • A: No, you may go to any physician office or urgent care center, but it will be at your expense and filed on your personal insurance.

  • Q: If WeCare is closed, where do I seek medical care?
  • A: Unless it is an emergency or an accident, we suggest you wait and schedule an appointment at the clinic. All emergencies and serious accidents will be referred to a hospital emergency room and filed with insurance.


Billing Charges and Student Insurance: 
706-880-8278 (Student Accounts)

Financial Aid Questions: 
706-880-8249 (Financial Planning)

Room and Meal Plan Assignments:
706-880-8975 (Residence Life)