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Dear Alumni and Friends,

As we love to say here at LaGrange College, welcome back! We're always happy to have you check in with us, either online or in person.

Life at the college remains vital and exciting. Our new Servant Scholars Program and Study-Away Commitment reinforce our pledge to provide the best educational opportunities for LaGrange students. Renovations to beloved buildings like the Lamar Dodd Art Center and Price Theater offer the latest technologies as well as beautiful upgrades.

But we all know this college is so much more than bricks, glass and steel. The heart of this institution lies with you and others like you who have memories of this very special place. Lifelong relationships were formed and career paths forged. Professors became friends and acquaintances grew into "family." For most of you, who you are today was shaped during your time on the Hill.

We don't ever want to lose that connection, and hope you will use this website to stay in touch. And, as always, feel free to drop in for a visit anytime.

Martha Pirkle,
Director, Alumni and Community Relations



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Whether you attended LaGrange last month or decades ago, there are several ways for you to maintain a connection to the Hill. Find us on Facebook . If you were a student-athlete, you might want to keep up with the Panthers via Athletics-specific posts on Facebook and Twitter . And if you'd like a look at the latest, a visit to the LaGrange YouTube channel is always entertaining and informative

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The Alumni and Community Relations staff would love to hear from you:

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