Megan Waycaster

From internship to dream job

Megan Waycaster ’11 credits the college’s Career Development Center with helping her discover her dream job. But it wasn’t an easy process."

“I had always thought I would go to law school because I come from a family of lawyers and court reporters,” says the vivacious blonde from Dalton. “So I went to the Career Center to see if they could help me get an internship with a local law firm.”

They did, and Megan says she had a wonderful time interning with them.

“I loved the experience and I loved the people, but I learned that law wasn’t for me. So I went back to the Career Center, and we went back to the drawing board.”

Megan says Diana Goldwire, Director and International Advisor in the Career Development Center, and CDC staff members Katie Porter and Sharon Newton helped her find her niche.

“They were really a rock for me. They helped me get my resumé together and figure out what I wanted to do. They helped me realize what my strengths were, what I’d be good at  and what I love – and then they helped me find internships in the community that were perfect. They knew what I wanted and were able to deliver that to me.”

Megan had an interest in working with the Chamber of Commerce in Chattanooga, Tenn., so she reasoned that an internship at the local chamber would be a smart move. She was right.

“I got a call from Chattanooga, but I told them I was going to stay in LaGrange. I love it here.”

It was a fairly seamless transition from academic life to the real world, she says.

“I graduated last year on May 21, and started my internship at the chamber on May 23. I ended my internship in August and was hired on full-time the next day.”

Megan is the director of programs and events for the LaGrange Troup County Chamber of Commerce, and she has plenty to keep her busy.

“I am an event planner, I’m in charge of our young professionals group, I work with our networking group, and I plan our early bird breakfasts, Business After Hours, golf tournaments and business expos. It’s been a great experience and a great networking opportunity that’s given me the chance to get to know the community.”

Although Megan attended college in LaGrange, she said she didn’t know too much about the town.

“The college is wonderful and you are on the Hill, but you don’t really venture out sometimes into the community. But I’ve been able to do that, and I’ve learned to appreciate how wonderful this little city is and how blessed we are with the people we have here. There is really nowhere like LaGrange after you meet the people here.”

Still, the relationships she formed while on the Hill will stay with her. And she wants to make sure that students know what the CDC can do for them.

“They are there for students, either current or past, and they have had a key role in helping me after graduation. They still give me advice on my resumé, and Diana has come to speak at one of our young professional events. They really have been invaluable.”