Spanish Major

Requirements for the Spanish Major

A major in Spanish consists of a total of 36 semester hours. Thirty (30) of these hours are in Spanish courses above SPAN 1102.

Required courses are as follows:
SPAN 2103 Intermediate Spanish I 3 hours
SPAN 2105 Intermediate Spanish II 3 hours
SPAN 2106 Introduction to Hispanic Literature 3 hours
SPAN 3000 Spanish Conversation and Composition I 3 hours
SPAN 3001 Spanish Conversation and Composition II 3 hours
SPAN 3002 Hispanic Culture and Civilization 3 hours
SPAN 4000 Latin American Literature 3 hours
SPAN 4001 Peninsular Spanish Literature 3hours

Two (2) SPAN electives in at the 3000 level or above 6 hours
The remaining six (6) hours of the major consist of two (2) Latin American Studies (LAST) electives.