Religion & Philosophy

Why LaGrange College?
Why LaGrange College?We offer two separate concentrations that cater to your personal career interests:

The Religion and Philosophy Major is a traditional liberal arts study of the field. It is especially suited for those with a general interest in religion and philosophy or those who wish to prepare for graduate study of religion or theology.

The Religion & Philosophy Major with a Concentration in Church Leadership is designed to prepare students of any denomination for careers in full-time Christian service: youth ministers, ministers of Christian education or clergy.

We are one of only nine colleges in the nation – and the only one in this region – authorized by the United Methodist Church to offer certification programs in Christian Education and Youth Ministry to our Methodist students. The denomination's Board of Higher Education and Ministry examined the quality of our program and, by awarding certification, declared that Methodist students who graduate from our program have accomplished coursework that is comparable to a full graduate program in Christian Education or Youth Ministry – a career advantage that has helped our graduates rise very quickly to top staff positions.

Meet religion majors:

Ben MacMinn
Ben MacMinn
Ben MacMinn attended a large state university before coming to LaGrange College, and he says that hands down, he knows which of the two environments helped him succeed. 

"I started five years ago at a local state school," says the senior religion and philosophy major. "I wasn't doing my best. I was distracted, I was less than apathetic, and my grades showed it." 
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Toni Wolfe
Toni Wolfe
The unthinkable happened to Toni Wolfe when she was 10, but she hasn’t let difficult life circumstances stand in the way of ministering to others and fulfilling her dream of becoming a college religion professor. 

Toni, 49, earned her bachelor’s degree in religion in May from LaGrange College and now is heading home to Indiana, where she will pursue a Master of Arts degree in Biblical studies from Asbury Theological Seminary. 
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How does the faculty rate?

Each member of our faculty is also a dedicated teacher, deeply committed to student engagement and learning.

Dr. David Oki Ahearn's introductory textbook in Christian Ethics is used widely in colleges and seminaries throughout America.

Dr. John Cook has achieved international recognition for his writings on the reception of New Testament in the Greco-Roman world.

Prof. Alvin Lingenfelter , Directorr of the Church Leadership program, brings a wealth of professional experience in youth ministry and pastoral ministry to his craft.