Religion Courses

What are the top three jobs that degree-holders in religion & philosophy pursue?
Postsecondary teachers work for colleges and universities, teaching courses, advising students and, in most cases, publishing research. Tenured university positions feature a variety of perks, including paid sabbaticals and light teaching loads. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, postsecondary teachers can look forward to continued job growth in the coming decade.

Writers use the written word to communicate ideas, stories and concepts to readers, who may be laypersons, experts in a specific area, hobbyists or recreational readers. Writers who have training in Religious Studies or Philosophy might write freelance pieces for magazines that focus on religious topics or related issues, or they may research and write books for specialty or general audiences. Often, writers are also postsecondary teachers.

Journalists use printed or other media to inform readers, listeners and viewers about important issues and newsworthy stories. They may write stories for newspapers, magazines or online journals, or they might report stories for television or radio news broadcasts. Journalists who focus on religious topics might begin as freelance writers, pitching story ideas to magazines and newspapers, before establishing stable careers. Some journalists work as columnists, writing regular opinion and commentary pieces for a specific publication.

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