Psychology Major

What does it take to major in Psychology at LaGrange College?
A little motivation and 37 semester hours (12 courses) in the Psychology Department, not including the introductory course (PSYC 1101). Twenty-five of these hours come from the categories below.

Methods (both required—See Note 2 below.)
PSYC 2298 Behavioral Studies
PSYC 2299 Research Methods

Experimental Content (Select Two):
PSYC 4455   Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 4465  Physiological Psychology
PSYC 4470   Behavioral Analysis and its Applications

Social/Personality/Development Content (Select Three — See Note 2 Below):
PSYC 3321   Social Psychology
PSYC 3302   Human Growth and Development or PSYC 3358 Psychology of Aging
PSYC 3350   Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 4460   Psychology of Personality

Advanced Special Topics (required—See Note 4 below.)
PSYC 4480   Advanced Special Topics –

Major Electives
An additional 12 hours of major courses will be selected by the student. A student may select any 3000- or 4000-level Psychology course beyond those counted in the required areas. A maximum of two (2) of the following courses—ANTH 2000, SOCI 2500, BIOL 2148, BIOL 3373, BIOL 3374, and BIOL 3384—may be applied toward the major with the approval of the advisor.


  1. PSYC 1101, Introduction to Psychology, is the prerequisite or co-requisite to all 2000- level and above Psychology courses. Some courses also have additional prerequisites.
  2. Since this department views psychology as a research-based discipline, these courses provide the foundation for much of the upper-level coursework. It is strongly recommended that the student complete PSYC 2298 and PSYC 2299 as soon as possible after beginning the major.
  3. Students may take either PSYC 3302 or PSYC 3358—but not both—in order to satisfy this requirement. If a student takes both, then one (1) course counts toward the 12 hours of major electives.
  4. PSYC 4480 will be offered once per year during the Interim term and will involve advanced study of a specialized topic. Topics will vary from year to year.