Political Science Major

For a Minor in Political Science

POLS 1101   United States Government
POLS 1102   Introduction to Political Science
POLS 2210   Comparative Politics
POLS 2220   International Politics

Students minoring in political science must also complete an additional two political science courses among those listed for the program. In the minor course of study, political science internships cannot substitute for elective course credit.

The Oikos Program
The Oikos Program is an interdisciplinary minor program sponsored by the departments of Biology, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology & Anthropology. Oikos is the Greek word for "house." It is the root word for both ecology and economics,  and thus points to the dual aspects of ecological and social and responsibility that are central to the mission of the Oikos Program.  The uniting theme across disciplines is how we might contribute to a just, sustainable, and peaceful future.