Political Science Major

Anything but a hard line.
LaGrange's Political Science major isn't set in stone. The major consists of five required courses and six elective courses. The course load involved is low enough to allow students to easily accomodate a minor or a second major in another field. You can even take an internship for an entire semester (12 hours) that will apply towards graduation (3 hours will apply towards the major). The minor requires three basic classes and an additional two courses of political science electives.

For a Major in Political Science
Fifteen (15) semester hours, consisting of:

POLS 1101 U.S. Government
POLS 1102   Introduction to Political Science
POLS 2210   Comparative Politics
POLS 2220   International Relations
POLS 3300   Research Methods in Political Science
POLS 4430   Senior Seminar in Political Science

Students majoring in Political Science must also complete an additional 18 semester hours of elective courses chosen from among the three- and four-thousand-level courses (for a total of 33 semester hours).

At least one (1) of these courses must be in the field of American politics and public policy (POLS 3310, 3311, 3312, 3313, 3314, or 3315) and one (1) in the fields of international relations (POLS 3320, 3321, 3322, 3323) or comparative politics (POLS 3350, 3351, 3352, 3353).

Political Science internships (POLS 4400) can earn up to a full semester (12 hours) of credit toward graduation, but usually only three (3) hours will be credited toward completion of the major. This limit can be waived by the Department under special circumstances. Completing the full semester program in the Capital Hill Internship Program can be substituted for the required completion of POLS 4430 with approval of the Department. Completion of the Interim-term Capital Hill Internship Program earns elective credit only.