Political Science

What makes a political science degree from LaGrange so unique?

In today's world, informed, well-researched decisions must be made every minute. LaGrange Political Science majors are taught to conduct research that helps organizations guide those decisions, not only as part of the curriculum, but also as a public service to the community.

Students cooperate in developing research projects for Servant-Leadership partners of the College. They design research for community organizations, neighborhood associations and local governments. They then gather the information, analyze the data, and present results that help answer vital questions for their clients. As an added bonus, many of these projects have formed the basis for presentations by student researchers at national and regional research conventions. Some have been accepted for publication in scholarly journals as well.

What does proactive student-faculty research mean to me as a student?

It means that that you will get practical experience in work and research, practical experience that will give you the edge you need to obtain meaningful employment or advanced education.

It means that your courses will be taught by a faculty dedicated to providing you an education attuned to current trends in political science and relevant to both graduate studies and work in the business world.

It means that you will get exposure to modern research techniques, equipment and applications.

And it means that you will be given the tools for a lifetime of learning.

Meet a political science major:

Knox Robinson
Knox Robinson
Four years ago, Knox Robinson was on a family vacation to Washington, D.C. On the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, he told his dad he had a strong urge to study or work in the nation’s capital one day.
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Undergraduate Research

“The Transnational Element During the ‘War on Terrorism,’ 1920-2011”
John A. Tures, Associate Professor of Political Science, LaGrange College

What are some jobs that attract political scientists?

  • Attorney
  • Political activist, advocate/organizer
  • Career counselor
  • Public or private government liaison officer
  • Campaign director
  • City planner
  • Congressional office/committee staffer
  • Communications director
  • Customs officer
  • Foreign Service officer
  • Labor relations specialist
  • Political journalist
  • University professor
Have graduates of this program been successful?
Today, many LaGrange political science degree holders are actively involved in private business, education and government. Others have pursued professional degrees in law school (University of Georgia, Mercer, Duke and others) or pursued graduate programs in political science, public administration, or planning (Emory University, Florida State University, American University and others