Jasmine Farmer

Focusing on the journey

Jasmine Farmer '15 believes that she's made three good choices in her life: (1) She chose to attend LaGrange College, (2) she decided to study nursing, and (3) she chose to work with newborns at West Georgia Health. "Some of my patients are more agreeable than others," she says, "but mine is one of the first smiles they see."

Learn more about the nursing program at www.lagrange.edu/nursing.

Nursing Careers

Today, there is a significant nursing shortage, and statistics show that the need for nurses in years to come will only become greater. Here's why: 
Because advances in health care are helping people live longer, there are more elderly people who need care.

Nurses, particularly those with a BSN, are almost guaranteed jobs right out of college and can be assured of a secure career well into the future.

More Information

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