Nonprofit Leadership

Why Nonprofit Leadership?
With nearly 1.6 million federally-registered nonprofits in the United States and more than 38,000 in Georgia alone, employment and leadership opportunities abound. Nonprofits need talented, creative people with diverse skills and experiences to lead and manage programs, staff and volunteer. This work is more than a job – it's part of a life of meaning and a career that makes an impact for good.

LaGrange College’s Nonprofit Leadership Studies program prepares students for successful careers and leadership roles with nonprofit organizations. Students achieve foundational and professional competencies through coursework, hands-on learning through research and service work in the community, and an internship with a nonprofit organization.

Internship program

Each degree-seeking student completes an internship with a nonprofit organization. This supervised learning experience provides an in-depth opportunity to learn firsthand about the host organization and the roles and responsibilities of its staff and volunteer leadership.

Major Outcomes of this program

  • Acquire the analytical tools necessary for critical judgement
  • Learn how to diagnose and solve organizational problems
  • Develop strategies that foster innovative practices and organizational change
  • Anticipate philanthropic trends and global changes

A Passion for People
LC sophomore Grace Neal has dedicated her future to wiping out disease and homelessness. She brought her passion for people to LaGrange, where a personalized team of mentors gave her the guidance and freedom to find not only a job, but a career. Not only a living, but a calling.
Serving the Poor in the Philippines
Asti White
Serving the Poor in the Philippines
Mission work is important to Asti White, but he understands that service-learning trips like his 2017 Jan Term journey to the Philippines benefit all involved.

What kinds of jobs are available to Non-Profit Leadership graduates?

In a recent article, 3,000 nonprofit organizations said they were planning to hire more people, primarily in the areas of:

  • Administrative personnel
  • Communications
  • Accounting & finance
  • Technology

Other nonprofits have expressed interest in hiring for positions such as:

For more information, contact Dr. Lydia Rosencrants.