Why pursue a degree in this field?
Why pursue a degree in this field? The disciplines of Mathematics and Computer Science are important to any liberal arts curriculum and to research endeavors in the natural and social sciences. The combined department at LaGrange College offers the following options:

Will I enjoy working with the faculty?
Ask any of LaGrange's mathematics or computer science graduates. They'll tell you that our faculty members have a diverse range of teaching and research interests. At some larger schools, students seldom talk with their professors. At LaGrange College it's rare not to see faculty members meeting with study groups and individuals inside and outside of the classroom. LaGrange instructors simply enjoy working with students.

Classes in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department average about a dozen students, which means you can count on more help from professors—and no classes taught by grad students. With more individual attention, you'll be better prepared to realize your postgraduate or career pursuits.

Meet mathematics majors:

George Lankford
George Lankford Maybe it’s George Lankford’s mathematical mind that helps him size up a play as part of the Panther football team’s defense. A strong safety, he had plenty of practice last season, playing 11 games and making four tackles and a quarterback sack during the first round of the NCAA Division III playoffs.

“I’m all about math, numbers,” George says. “That’s my niche. Hopefully I’ll go to grad school and get my Ph.D. in it.

“I think for me, math is such a solid subject. Two plus two is going to equal four, whether you want it to or not.”

Steven Porrello
Steven Porrello
After completing his first year at LaGrange, sophomore Steven Porrello has a bold vision for the future. He plans to earn degrees in religion and mathematics, with minors in English and physics.

“I want to work hard because God never stops working for me; he never stops pursuing me.”

Steven’s efforts were recognized at the end of this academic year with awards for Outstanding Freshman Essay of the Year and Outstanding Calculus Student, and a scholarship from Dunson United Methodist Church.

What about careers?

LaGrange mathematics graduates have gone on to take advantage of the college's own M.A.T. program, as well as enrolling in graduate school at such places as Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, Columbus State, Georgia Southern, Georgia College and State University, Western Michigan University, North Carolina State University and the Emory School of Law.