Interdisciplinary Studies

What is an interdisciplinary studies degree?
It’s a self-designed degree program for undergraduate students who can demonstrate a clear purpose for integrating disciplinary perspectives and applied fields. It includes a writing intensive curriculum and regular student presentations that develop skills in critical thinking, analytical writing, research methods and communication.

Based on their interests, students can combine concentrations in different areas of study, and sample a number of academic and professional disciplines. This multifaceted approach, which encourages a broad-based education built on a progressive core curriculum, offers the opportunity to tailor a student’s degree toward one or several career fields.

Major Requirements:

Coursework requirements in major programs necessarily change in response to evolving curriculum concerns and changing student needs. Students' major requirements are governed by the Bulletin in force at the time of the declaration of the major. The declaration of major is initiated with the chair of the respective department.

At the discretion of the department chair, students may be required to demonstrate proficiency and/or currency in the subject matter if the major coursework is older than five (5) academic years. Normally, credit hours earned in the major may not be applied to the completion of the major if the hours earned are older than eight (8) years, dated from the student's initial matriculation.

Students who have been out of school longer than two (2) years must again declare their majors.

Career opportunities

What careers appeal to interdisciplinary studies majors?
IS majors develop critical research skills that help prepare them for a wide variety of careers and further study. It’s typical for IS students to pursue advanced academic study in:

  • Urban and City Planning
  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Creative Writing
  • Development Studies
  • Education
  • International Relations
  • Law School

The research skills acquired in the program are invaluable for success in these and other fields; the capacity to plan and execute a major original and innovative research paper affirms the skills of IS students as critical researchers, thinkers, and writers, skills that will serve in a lifetime of learning and earning.

For more information about the Interdisciplinary Studies major, contact an Admissions counselor or your teacher advisor.