History Major

What does it take to major in History at LaGrange College?

LaGrange's history major and minor will show you how civilizations have developed over time and how your own civilization fits into the larger, global picture. You'll take 33 semester hours of classes (or 18 for a minor) beyond the 1000 level courses that cover everything from the Greco-Roman world to the Social and Intellectual History of the United States. To complete the major, you'll write a senior thesis and defend it before the students and faculty of the department.

The Department of History offers the following major in history:

A. Prerequisite Courses :
  HIST 1101 and 1102 World Civilization
  HIST 1111 and 1112 United States History
These are prerequisite courses for the major.
Prerequisite courses can be met by AP, CLEP tests, or by transfer credit.
B. Two courses from:
  HIST 3317 Colonial America
  HIST 3319 Nineteenth-Century America
  HIST 4416
Twentieth-Century America
  Two courses from:  
  HIST 3301 Greco-Roman world
  HIST 3302 Middle Ages
  HIST 3320 Renaissance and Reformation
  Two courses from:  
  HIST 3372 Europe 1660-1870
  HIST 3374 Europe 1870 - the Present
  Required courses:  
  HIST 2000 Research Methods in History
  HIST 4490 Senior History Seminar
C. An additional nine (9) semester hours of 3000- and 4000-level History courses are required. The total major course requirements are 33 semester hours of credit beyond 1000-level courses (i.e., a total of 45 semester hours). Those majors seeking a concentration in Public History have slightly different requirements. Please see the section on the concentration/minor in Public History.