Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration in Professional Selling

If you are looking for a degree that sets you apart in the business world, the BBA in Professional Selling is that degree.  This online degree completion program is designed for the adult learner.  It will prepare you for a wide variety of career opportunities such as sales, retail store ownership or management, real estate, pharmaceutical sales and insurance.  The degree is entirely online to give you maximum flexibility.  All necessary courses for a business degree are included, in addition to several courses specific to professional sales.  And since understanding human behavior is essential to sales, a minor in Psychology is also included in this degree program.

Required Courses:

  • ACCT 2200 - Accounting for Decision Makers
  • ECON 2201 - Principles of Microeconomics
  • FNCE 3354 - Business Performance Analysis
  • MATH 1114 - Introduction to Statistics
  • MGMT 2000 - Introduction to Business and Online Learning
  • MGMT 3370 - Management and Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 3385 - Management Information Systems
  • MGMT 3392 - International Business
  • MGMT 4451 - Legal and Ethical Environment
  • MRKT 3380 - Principles of Marketing
  • PRSL 3000 - Communications for Selling Professionals
  • PRSL 4000 - Introduction to Professional Selling
  • PRSL 4100 - Consumer Behavior
  • PRSL 4200 - Advanced Sales

Requirements for a Minor in Psychology:
A minor in Psychology consists of six (6) courses, one of which must be PSYC 1101.  Any Psychology (PSYC) course that is listed in the current bulletin counts toward the minor.  A maximum of two (2) of the following courses - SOCI 2500, SOCI 3500, BIOL 2148, BIOL 3374, BIOL 3384, and EXCS 3305 - may be applied towards the minor with the approval of the advisor.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of a degree from the Business and Accountancy programs:

  1. Students should demonstrate the ability to apply business concepts in creatively and critically solving complex problems.
  2. Students should show the capacity to formulate and defend ethical judgments.
  3. Students should demonstrate the ability to conduct research and communicate in a professional manner, using media appropriately.
  4. Students should show the ability to work in teams and demonstrate an understanding of interpersonal relations.

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