English Major

Before declaring English as a major, students must

  1. complete the core composition classes (ENGL 1101 and 1102) with no grade lower than a C.
  2. apply with the Chair of Humanities for an interview with members of the English faculty. This interview may be scheduled as convenient during any semester, and its purpose is to discern the student's interest in the major, answer questions the student may have, and clarify the requirements and goals of the major in English.
  3. visit the SOURCE Center to complete the major declaration process.

English majors are required to take 40 hours in English language and literature above the 1000 level. For satisfactory completion of the major, students must complete each major course with a grade of C- or better.

Introductory Course (required) ( 1 hour )
ENGL 2200  Introduction to English Studies
Survey Courses (3 required) ( 9 hours )
ENGL 2204, 2205 British Literature I, II
ENGL 2206, 2207 American Literature I, II
Language Courses (2 required) ( 6 hours )
ENGL 3300 History of the English Language
ENGL 3302 Advanced Grammar
ENGL 3303 Advanced Composition
Single-Author Courses (1 required) (3 hours)
ENGL 4410 Chaucer
ENGL 4420 Shakespeare
ENGL 4430 Milton
ENGL 4470 Special Topics
English Electives
3000 level or above (6 required)
( 18 hours )
Senior-Level Course (required) ( 3 hours )
ENGL 4495 Senior Thesis