Education Certification Requirements

Certification Requirements:
Teacher candidates must have successfully completed program courses and have a passing score of 80% or higher in each respective section of all four Comprehensive Exit Exams. If a score of less than 80% is earned, the candidate must retake the particular course associated with the failed section. Candidates must successfully complete fieldwork assignments and receive satisfactory ratings on all Teacher Performance Observation Instruments (TPOI) and Dispositions Evaluations or show evidence of successfully completing a Professional Development Plan. In addition to the above, candidates must have a passing score on the GACE I test and have completed Opening School Experience.

Artifacts collected when a candidate applies for admission to student teaching include GPA, Comprehensive Exit Exam Scores, Opening School Experience Journals and Logs, Lesson Plan Rubrics, Professional Development Plans (if used), Teacher Candidate Evaluations, and Disposition Evaluations from all field experiences.

Program Completion Artifacts collected at the time of graduation include transcripts, GPA, Lesson Plan Rubrics, Documentation of Student Learning: Senior Teacher Work Sample, Professional Logs, Teacher Candidate Evaluations, Disposition Evaluations, PDPs (if needed), and Content Portfolios. In addition, candidates must take and pass appropriate GACE tests to be recommended for teacher certification in Georgia. GACE scores are collected from all candidates seeking initial certification.

After completing an initial program, graduates are contacted by letter and asked to respond to a survey based on Georgia Professional Standards Commission Standards and the Georgia Framework Domains. The survey is designed to elicit responses regarding candidates' perceptions of their preparation at LaGrange College. Employers of LaGrange College graduates are also contacted and asked to complete a brief survey for each LC graduate whom they supervise. The survey based on the Georgia Framework Domains asks employers to rate candidates on job performance.