Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

Fall SophomoreEDUC 1199Foundation in Education3
Spring SophomoreEDUC 4459Special Needs/Exceptional Children3
EDUC 3342Child Development3
Fall JuniorEDUC 3354Fundamental of Reading Instruction I3
EDUC 3356Integrating Specialty Areas3
EDUC 4360Curriculum & Accountability3
MATH 3310Mathematics for Early Childhood Education3
EDUC 4461Diversity in Elementary Classroom I1
Spring JuniorEDUC 3319Math Methods3
EDUC 3355Fundamentals of Reading Instruction II3
EDUC 4410Approaches and Issues in Educational Assessment3
EDUC 4457Social Studies Methods3
EDUC 4462Diversity in Elementary Classroom II1
Fall SeniorEDUC 3317Science Methods3
EDUC 4356Fundamentals in Reading Instruction III3
EDUC 4463Diversity in Elementary Classroom III1
EDUC 4490AClinical Practice I6
Spring SeniorEDUC 4449Classroom Technology3
EDUC 4480Senior Seminar3
EDUC 4490BClinical Practice II6
Total60 Semester Hours
Fall/SpringEDUC 4490SedTPA Seminar1
(Available to candidates who need to successfully complete certification requirements.)

No additional coursework can be taken during the senior year without approval from the Chair of the Department of Education.