Citations 2017 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

Citations 2017 - Journal of Undergraduate Research


The Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic
Zack Richards

American Experience

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
Meagan Cascone

The Invisible are Becoming the Visible: The Hillside Roving Listeners
Jacob Krzysiak

Art and Design

Stop Motion Demo Reel 2017
Renee Adams, Victor Borali Borges, Tyra Frazier, Ace Moncrief, Austin Richardson and Jessi Yeszkonis

Senior Exhibition 2017
Garrison Brown, Jill Cook, Kristi Sammons, Meghan Lacey and Tylor Hepner

Animation I & II Demo Reel 2017
Hana Henry, Blake Lacey, Brandon Salter, Luke Turley and Emma Voss

All Avengers
Tylor Hepner

Demo Reel Senior Show
Tylor Hepner

“Ask Iris Love”: Cnidus, Aphrodite and Unorthodox Archeology
Meghan Lace


Malathion Effect on Bacterial Ingestion of Caenorhabditis Elegans
Lexi Hall, Jake Odom and Carson Powell

Business & Nonprofit

Aha! A Four-Minute Summary of a 12-Week Class
Emily Hampton

The Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL Pipeline: The Subject of an Executive Order
Chris Wesley


The Synthesis and Characterization of 2, 6-Dimethoxy-1-Methyl C60 [6, 5] Open Fulleroids
Timothy Hank Barnes


Nabokov’s Novels: Unreliable Narration in Pale Fire, Lolita, and Pnin
Emily Webb

Exercise Science

The Acute Effects of a Potentiation Warm-Up on Vertical Jump Performance in College Aged Males
Cole Anderson, Jordan Richardson and Jessica Morton

Does the Type of Scaling Influence the Relationship Between Strength and Jumping Performance?
Emily Cauldwell and Kaitlin Lovins

Lower Body Power Differences Between Position in Collegiate Cheerleaders
Aspen Coggins and Chelsea Young

Reaction Time as a Significant Measure in Baseball
Blakely Ty Edwards, Toby King, Blane Swift and Osborn Theam

Is Chronological Age or Training Age a Better Predictor of performance in Collegiate Golf?
Katie Jacobson

Exploring the Relationship Between Rate of Force Development and Impulse During an Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull
Blair Lumpkin

The Influence of Weightlifting Shoes on Center of Pressure Change During the Snatch and Clean in Novice Weightlifters
Kelsey Lewis and Timothy L. Norman

Change in Center of Pressure Position at Takeoff and Landing as a Measure of Jump Control in Athlete Monitoring
Kaitlin Lovins and Emily Cauldwell

Distance Running and Jumping Performance in NCAA DIII Athletes
Mackens Marcelin

Coefficient of Static and Dynamic Friction in Wide Receiver Gloves
Timothy L. Norman

Impact of Early Morning Practice on Sleep Quantity in the Collegiate Athlete
Timothy L. Norman

Effects of Water vs. Gatorade on Athlete Performance
Paige Smyth, Denney Meigs and Michaela Osborne

Similarities in Jumping and Weightlifting Performance
Chelsea Young and Aspen Coggins


Global Recognition Through the Russo-Japanese War?
Daniel Garrett

Music & DCM

Victor Borali, James Butcher, DeAundra Green, Blake Lacey, Hannah Peek and Jamal Shakir


The Relationship Between School Nurses’ Self-Efficacy and Interventions Implemented to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Kristin Talley, Amanda Wood, Jessica Hatch, Kim Hunt, Sydney Garmany, Chelsea Peterson, Rachel Pless and Periann Rogers

Political Science

Sexism in Modern America: Sports, Education and Employment. Does Title IX Really Make a Difference?
Sydney Aronson

Poverty and Hate: How Income Inequality Correlates to Hate Groups
Katie Chancellor

Recessions and the State of Government: A Study on the Link Between Recession Cycles and Divided Government
Brandon Collins

Capital Punishment in the United States: Analyzing Deterrence and Cost- Effectiveness of the Death Penalty in the United States
Wesley Dismuke

Government Expansion Due to War: A Case Study of 1990s Conflict
Daniel Garrett

Red vs Blue: Have America’s Newspapers Lost Their Way?
Andy Peden

Servant Scholars

Project ELI: Exploring Life Intentionally
Hank Barnes, Kallie Brook, Katie Chancellor, Matt Crawford, Sharon Day, KaDarius Griggs, Darius Jordan, Corey Morgan, Anna Morman, Jessica Morton, Lauren Venters and Asti White


Feminism: Perceptions and the Impact of Self Identification Among College Freshman
Marnequea S. Jennings

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