Citations 2016 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

Citations 2016 - Journal of Undergraduate Research


Special Treatment of Cuban Immigrants
Amy Webb

Financial Statement Analysis of Fasternal Company
Ryan Garcia-Carrol

Art and Design

Edouard Manet; an Innovator
Megan Cassady

The Mystery of the Puma Punku and the Fallen Angels
John Tylor Hepner

The Art of the Chi: A Brief History of Chinese Painting
Marlana Hurst

Western Influences on Japanese Art: Nanban Period
Kortney Jennings

The Image of Buddha in The Visual Arts: Its Evolution and Significance
Connor Lynch


Comparison of Scamp Grouper (Mycteroperca phenax), Growth o of the West Florida Shelf and the Coast of Louisiana
Cassie Bates

The Effects of Water Level and Rainfall on West Point Lake Water Quality
Johnathan Fleckenstein, Kaitlyn Hampton, Jesse Landers, Kyle Norman, Jherah Powell


Democratic Socialism
Levi Evans

Corporate Inversion and the Impact on the United States
Sydney Marshall


Minds, Manifestations, and Mysteries: An Afterlife Exploration in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature
Ben Fuller

Dickensian Bildungsroman and the Evolution of Developmental Psychology
Dru Gibbs

Native American Sinners in the Hands of an Angry. Cultivated European World: The Role of Native American Folktales in the European Conflict

Payton Hanners

William Faulkner’s Depiction of Women: Motherhood and Its Effect on the Family
Keren Parks

Exercise Science

Associations Between Performance Measures of Vertical Jumping and Bat Swing Mechanics
Justin Batcher, Nicholas Raszeja, Thomas Embry

The Prevalence of Overuse Injuries in NCAA Division III Sports
Nikeja Calhoun

Hand Arm Path Length While Throwing
Daniele Gravett, Kalin Oglesby, Samantha Murrah

Does Arm Length Have Anything to Do With Arm Injuries in Baseball?
Anthony Jenkins

Academics, Athletics, Exercise and Sleep in College Students
Jennifer Kreulen

Associations Between Psychological Mood States and Sleep Quality in Collegiate Softball Players
Mary-Kate Nix

Ground Reaction Force Analysis in Football
Nicholas Raszeja, Keith Anderson

Alterations in Body Mass and Vertical Jump Height Throughout a Collegiate Baseball Season
James W. Scruggs, Samantha Murrah

The Effects of Music on Perceived Exertion and Overall Performance During a Rowing Exercise
James W. Scruggs, Mary-Kate Nic, Chandelle Ulmer


A Revolutionary Reform: How William the Conqueror Conquered the Church
William Shirley

Margaret Sanger and Her Fight for Advocating Birth Control
Brooke Turner


A Study of Romance: Using a System of Differential Equations
Hayley Jones

Political Science

On The Relationship Between Nonprofit Organizations and The U.S. Government: Is It Symbiotic and Why Should It Be?
Abigail Bowen

Court Uni cation and Democracy-- A Call for Reform
Janice Job Marquis

Social Capital and Institutional Performance: A County Analysis of Georgia
Reece Powell

Political Culture and Policy Liberalism in American States: A Test of a New Measure
Mark Wagner


LaGrange College Undergraduate Spiritual Involvement and Subjective Happiness
B. Kathleen DeMine

Servant Scholars

Project S.E.A.M: Leaving Something Behind
Abby Bowen, Adam Carpenter, Chris Dunn, Carmen Findley, Ben Fuller, Blessing Harrison, Laura Hayhurst, William Scruggs, Justin Slay, Shelby Stephen, Abby Stuckey, Chandelle Ulmer,


Young Adults and the Effect of Christian Theology on Attitudes Towards Abortion
Carolyn Brianna Bridges