Citations 2015 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

CitationsArt and Design
Critical Controversies Surrounding Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait
Megan Cassady

Michelangelo, Frustration Into Art: A Closer Examination of His Famous Sistine Chapel Painting
Connor Lynch

The Regression the Black Death Brought to Art
Tracy Seiler

Activity Patterns and Diversity of Bats During Winter Months in Western Georgia
Kaylan Whetstone

An Analysis of the Eutrophication of West Point Lake via Chlorophyll-a Concentrations
Donicia Blanton

Limnology of West Point Lake: How Water Management Policies Affect the Water Quality of West Point Lake During Times of Drought
Cara Thornton

Business and Accountancy
Kona Grill Analysis
Caelin Campbell

The "Real" Unemployment
Logan Lanier

The Influences of Jekyll and Hyde and Stevenson's Religious Anxiety
Ben Fuller

Exercise Science
Reliability of a Novel Method for Evaluating and Predicting Base Stealing Performance
Joshua C. Bricker

Deconstructing Reconstruction: Through Two Case Studies in West Central Georgia
Jonathan Thompson

Suffering for Suffrage: Tactics of the Women's Suffrage Campaign
Tracy Seiler

Mathematics and Computer Science
An Analysis of Normal Modes for the One-Dimensional Wave Equation
Amber B. Holmes

Optimization of LaGrange College Admission Counselor's Paths Using Student Data
Jared O. Lovin

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Fatigue in Bachelor of Science Nursing Students
Natalie E. Blaich, Timothy W. Franklin, Kimberly A. Harris, Nicole H. Stermer, Stephanie E. Thomas

Political Science
Do Terrorist Beheadings Influence American Public Opinion?
Lindsey Weathers, Erin Missroon, Sean Greer, Bre'Lan Simpson

Faith, Freedom, and Fighting Human Trafficking
Gigi Ortiz

The Impact of Child Labor and Poverty
Lavurn P. Billups

More Money More Problems: NCAA Budgets and Scandal
Jalen Butler

Religious Faith's Effect on Attitudes Towards Scientific Learning
Ella Weymiller,

Servant Scholars
The Koinonia Project: Strengthening the Hillside Community
Donicia Blanton, Evan Brasselle, Nicole Cato, Tyler Eady, Leah Foster, Reese Hight, Amber Holmes, Angela Hutchins, Rebekah Meadows, Kevin Metasavage, Danielle Newbern, Alex Rodriguez

Bureaucratization of the Adoption System: The Evolution of Adoption Policy
Jordin Dombrosky