Citations 2014 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

Citations 2014 - Journal of Undergraduate Research Accountancy
Obama-care Negatively Affects American Families
Caelin Campbell

The Effect of Chinese Privet (Ligustrum sinese) Density on Species Richness and Diversity of a Small Mammal Community in West Central Georgia
Cherise Earley

An Exploration of Biostatistics: A Comparison of Species and Biodiversity Within Two Small Creeks in Western Georgia.
Mary Hannah Robertson

Expression of BID in SH-SY5Y Cells After Acute Exposure to Rotenone
Hunter Connell and Melinda Pomeroy-Black

Modern Day Slavery
Jake Andrews

Simultaneous Determination of the Effect of Changes in Amperage, Temperature and Time of Electrolysis on the Electrodeposition of Nickel from Solution, Using a Novel Electrodeposition Device
Patrick W. Walker

The Exploration of Female Characters' Freedom and Choice in the Dawn of 20th Century American Literature
Lindsay Grubin

Interependence and Interconnectedness in Barbara Kingsolver's Fiction: Self-Revelations and Thriving Relationships Contingent Upon Connection to Nature in The Bean Trees, The Poisonwood Bible, Prodigal Summer, and Flight Behavior
Elisabeth Horton-Cook

English and Religion
The Radical Imagination: In Conflict, We Need Imagination
Steven Porrello

Donning the Mask: Mayan Belief, Christianity and the Power of Syncretism
Blakeley Coull

Eureka's Roots: Abuse, Mistreatment, and Corruption on the Ballarat Goldfields
Kaydee Daniel

Performance of Numerical Optimization Routines
Kayla S. Cline

A Study to Evaluate the Needs of Family Members of Critically Ill Patients in the ICU
Shelby Gentry, Ryan McArthur, Janessa Millegan, Ellen Morris-White,Shannon Scott, and Lisa Williams

Political Science
Comparison of Participant Opinions Concerning Court Processes in the Troup County DUI/Drug Court Survey and the Multi-Site Adult Drug Court Evaluations
Isaiah Whitfield

Political Science
Expunging Criminal Records
Lavurn Billups, Jalen Butler, Matt Crawford, Donta Daniel, Levi Evans, Braxton Ford, Delaney James, Charity Knight, Roxanne Lape, Michael Leseman, Sam Manley, Clay Scott, Jordan Sheffield, Jacqueline Tipsword, Mark Wagner, Allison Weeks, and Taylor Wynn

Human Trafficking at Home
Garrett Bennett, Kadeshia Brown, Jalen Butler, Shelby Godfrey, Tara Harrison, Jake Hipple, Charity Knight, Jessica Nelson, Reece Powell, Oscar Prim III, Phelan Scott, William Shirley, Matt James, and John A. Tures

Social Capital and Political Participation: An Examination of Georgia Counties
Matthew James

Psychological Science
The Effects of Sexual Education on the Sexual Health Practices of College Students
Donicia Blanton

Servant Scholars
Mission Poverty: An Immersive Study of Poverty in Troup County
Katie Anderson, Alex Blount, Conrad Clevenger, Kayla Cline, Hunter Connell, Nathaniel Crawford, Katie Elder, Robert Harste, Sara Morton, Leslie Rhoades, Mary Hannah Robertson, and Kirk Slay