Citations 2013 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

Citations 2013 - Journal of Undergraduate Research Accounting
Technology Addiction in America
Leslie Rhoades

Cytoskeletal toxicity in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells: Effects of chlorpyrifos-oxon on a-tubulin concentration
Jake Adcock and Melinda Pomeroy-Black

Expression of JNK3 Apoptotic Protein in SH-SY5Y Cells
After Acute Exposure to Paraquat
Robby Williams and Melinda Pomeroy-Black

Biology and Physics
Investigations of Spatial/Temporal Variations in Elemental Composition in Riparian Short-Leaf Pine Trees (Pinus echinata) as Measured by X-Ray Emission Analysis
Daniel Garrett and Katie Elder

A Departure from Catholicism in the Works of Brian Friel
Joanna Meyer

The Angry Young Man Movement and Its Influence on Lucky Jim, Look Back in Anger, and A Clockwork Orange
Rachel Singleton

The Internal Motivations of a Nazi Hunter: A Comparison of Simon Wiesenthal and the Klarsfelds
Jacob Key

The Urban Appropriation of the Rural South: The West Point Dam and the Politics of the Outdoor Recreation
Henry Jacobs

Baptist Worship in the South: Then and Now
Amy Peek

Matters of the Heart: Does the Heart Matter?
Brittany Freeman, Mary Lee, Amanda Pate, Jill Powers, Antoinette Truitt, and
Anjelica Wilcox

Music as Therapy
Sara Clair, Julie Gillespie, Whitney Lamb, Katie O'Dell, Christina Sabol
and Liz Thompson

Political Science
Bringing Statistics to a Gun Fight
Doug Scherer

Doctor Come Quick, Our Democracy is Sick: The Electoral College and the Side Effects it has on American Democracy
Knox Robinson

Education Centralization and Democracy
Madison Wilson

Religious Fervor and Democracy: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Sean McNamee

Attis and Jesus: An Examination of the Parallel Claims of Crucifixion and Resurrection
Jacob Freeman

Trace Element Analysis of Heavy Metals in Perdido Bay, Florida
Robert Tobias and Taylor Ray

Students' Satisfaction with the LaGrange College Writing Center
Josh Shiver