Citations 2012 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

Citations 2012 Accounting
Costa Rican Sweet Cake Business Plan
Tara Hill, Elizabeth Pittman and Stephanie Rojas

Art History
Alexander The Great in Art
Jordan Bradford

Ancient Coinage: What Ancient Coins Reveal for Modern Art Historians
Emily Claire Worthey

The Portrayal of Death and the Afterlife in Etruscan Sarcophagi
Laura Cummings

Trace Element Analysis of Heavy Metals in Perdido Bay, Florida
Robert Tobias and Taylor Ray

Land Lines: How Long Can They Survive?
John Cal Massengale

Staples, Inc.: An Analysis of Current Financial
Trae Long

Gorbachev's Perestroika and the Collapse of the Soviet Union
Laura Cummings

Ivan IV: "The Terrible" or "The Formidable?"
Joseph Strickland

Alexandr Pushkin: Ties to the Decemberist Movement through Poetry and Letters
April Trimback

Elvis Presley: A Revolutionist
Marcie Wallace

Cancer Self-Screenings: The Attitudes and Knowledge Base of College Students
Rohit Aula and Codi Rhear

Less Stress. More Sweat: An Examination of the E!ects of Physical Activity on the Stress Levels of Surgical-Medical Nurses
Courtney Millenbine and Cassie Jo Sharman

Political Science
What (Non-) E!ects do Corporate and Union Spending and Contribution Bans have on State Elections
Riley Hill

People-Powered Politics:" How the New Media A!ects Political Change
Jamaica Thomas

The Democratic Peace and Lobsters
Madison Wilson

LaGrange College: Would You Do It Again?
Jordan Bradford

Students' Satisfaction with the LaGrange College Writing Center
John S. Shiver

Student Attitudes Toward the Tutoring Center
Alissa Teske