Citations 2010 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

The United States Postal Service: A Status Report
Robby Dunaway

Albrecht Dürer's Melencolia I: A Self-Portrait
Ginny Berndt

Leonardo da Vinci: Collective Wisdom to Scientific Observation
Rachel Evans

Made in God's Image: Velazquez's Portraits of Dwarves
Laura Veatch

Locomotive Activity as an Indicator of Acute Chlorpyrifos Toxicity in C. Elegans
Jennifer Korb

Adam Smith's Invisible Hand versus Government's Iron Fist: Government's Effect on Economic Growth
Morgan D A Shields

The Right of Women: Single Mothers by Choice
Jessie Adamczyk

Aspects of Christianity in the Life and Works of Mark Twain (Abstract)
Emily Boulton

This Thing of Darkness: Environmental Indulgence in The Tempest
Austin Harris

The Legacy of Prospero's Island: Coleman, Chesnutt, and Discriminatory Discourse
Matthew Lewis

The Evolution of the Vampire in Fiction and Popular Culture
Annie Shepherd

Industrialism and the Futility of Man in Eraserhead
Jessica White

Thomas Becket and the Quest for Martyrdom
Kim Beaver

The Épuration: a Twentieth Century Reign of Terror
Caitlin Vest

Octave Graph Theory Toolbox
Amanda M. Olsen

Nick Drake and the Baroque Characteristics of His Music
McKendrick Bearden

Meningitis: What do college students know?
Lindsey Allen, Kayla Curtis, Christine Reilly, Kristen Shackleford

Identification Required; Public Perception of Nursing Uniforms
Diana Brock, Fitsum Metaferia, and Elham Sumner

The Existence of God: A Topic of Debate
Katie Bomar

The Dynamics of Greenhouse Gases: A Focus on the Fragmentation of Nitrous Oxide by Highly Energetic Charged Particles
Joe Wiegand

Political Science
The Weight of the Olive Branch: Determining the Effectiveness of Accommodating Terrorists Groups
Eric Keels

Soft Power, Hard Power, and Our Image Abroad
Tim Quirk

Political Science
Questionnaire on Attitudes Regarding the Plus/Minus Grading System for LaGrange College Faculty and Students
Becky L. Johnson

The Troublers of Israel
Kandice Cook