Citations 2009 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

Netflix, Inc.: A Financial Analysis
Andrew Gaines

DEAD Sexy: Does Selling Sex in Modern Ads Advocate ViolenceAgainst Women?
Rachel Evans

The Gift of Peace
Laura Shirley

Are Digital Downloads Crippling the Music Industry?
Brad Edmonds

The Subprime Crisis and the Effects on theU.S. Banking Industry
Bo Tiller

The Synthesis and Characterization of 2,4,6-Cycloheptatriene-C60[6,6] Closed Methanofullerene
Benjamin H. Williamson and Michael T. Morgan

A Mixed Up World: The Legal Rights and Uses of Homosexuals Gaining Children
Christa von Borstel

The Lack of Ethical Standards of Online Social Networking
Hannah Williams

Forster!s Females: Gender Restrictions and Breakthroughs in Howards End
Emily Boulton

The Impact of Stephen Crane
David Brannan

The Possibilities of Interpretation in Christina Rossetti!s "Goblin Market"
Gaynell Galt

C. S. Lewis: Christianity and Fiction
Morgan Melton

The Psychology of Satan
Jennifer Putnam

Heritage vs. Hostage: The Details of Exploring an Origin in Walker!s "Everyday Use"
Christa von Borstel

American Reactionto Increased Chinese Immigration
Kim Beaver

The Fleeting Art: Fashion and Culture in Eighteenth Century France
Julia Jones

Henry Aaron's Road to the Record
Justin Montgomery

Conquest at the Battle of the Thames: Explanations for the American Victory
Kacey L. Smith

Indulgences: Practice v. Theology
Caitlin Vest

The Theology of Icons
Caitlin Vest

The Evolution of the Mass & The Creation of "Requiem for Lady Lazarus"
Rachel Evans

Sleep Deprivation and School Performance
Hayley Mitchell, Danielle Breedlove, and Erin Askew

The Structure of Matter
Eric Ratcliffe

Political Science
To Serve and to Protect
Wes Meares

Eagle Clawed: Why Operation Desert One Was Undertaken

Morgan Shields

POLITICAL FREEDOM AND ECONOMIC FREEDOM: How Political Rights and Civil Liberties Affect Open Markets
Morgan Shields

A Study of Attitudes toward Violence and Aggression
Holly S. L. Brown

Satisfaction in the Workplace
Sara Foshee

Reconciliation between Paul and James
Sarah Gobin

The Visual Arts and the Christian Faith
Nicole Henderson