Citations 2008 - Journal of Undergraduate Research

Should the U.S. Stop Importing Goods from China?  
Andrew Gaines

The Portraiture of Egon Schiele
Halley Curlis

Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride: A Hoped-for Pregnancy
Felming Garner

The Effects of Grade Inflation on College-Bound Students
Kevin Buice

Deep South Meets Southeast Asia: An Analysis of "Love"  
Amanda Davis

Harry Potter and the Literary Canon
Brandi Kronberg

Jealousy in Othello
Jennifer Putnam

The Importance of the "Fourth Genre": Examining the Literary Characteristics of Biography Through the Work of Carl Bernstein
Karen Smith

Deciphering the Origins of Medieval Russian Icons: Sacred Beauty and Iconoclasm
Patricia Barrett

Cultural Aspects of Warfare: the Iroquois Institution of the Mourning War
Candice Campbell

World War II in New Guinea and the Philippines: A Look at Charles Vernon Fleming's experience
Lee Fite

More Than A Botanist: William Bartram's Impact Upon the History of Colonial Georgia
Matt Peek

I Stand For Sacrifice: The Heiress of Belmont and Her Role as a Hero
Emily Boulton

The Effects of Binge Drinking Among College Students
Lauren Boggs, Jackie Harris, Kristin Hays, and Maggie Young

Reaching Out to People who are Differently Abled: A Proposal to the North Georgia Conference
Rachel Burch

Works of Mercy as a Vital Component to Sanctification: A Reflection on Wesley's Social Ministry and Theology
Ryan Snider

The Speed of Light: Historical Perspective and Experimental Findings
Trent Scarborough and Ben Williamson