Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

The Bachelor in Business Administration degree program is designed to help students develop ideals that are ethically sound and socially desirable, cultivate an awareness of the social, political, and economic developments to which businesses must adapt, develop sound judgment and effective communication skills, and develop individual interests and talents. Coursework provides both the theoretical and practical foundation needed for those entering businesses, as well as government and not-for-profit organizations.

There are three concentrations in the Business major: Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Sports Management and Accountancy Students must choose at least one area in which to concentrate.

Course Requriements
Core Requirements 46 hours
Interim 9 hours
Common Business Core 36 hours
Concentration Core 18 hours
General Electives 11 hours
Total 120 hours
Common Business Core
The required courses in the Common Business Core include the following:
ACCT 2211 ACCT 2212 ECON 2200
FNCE 3353 MATH 1114 or PSYC 2298 MGMT 2200
MGMT 3312 MGMT 3370 MGMT 3385
MGMT 3393 MGMT 4451 MRKT 3380

Concentration Core

Students choosing the Accountancy concentration must complete:

  • ACCT 3301 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
  • ACCT 3302 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
  • ACCT 4430 Advanced Accounting

Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Students choosing the Marketing and Entrepreneurship concentration must complete:

  • ENTR 3000 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • ENTR 4100 Entrepreneurship Lab
  • ENTR 4200 Social Entrepreneurship
  • FNCE 4000 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MRKT 4435 Social Media and Branding
  • MRKT 4480 Advanced Marketing

Sports Management
SStudents choosing the Sports Management concentration must complete:

  • FNCE 4100 Sports Sales and Fundraising
  • SPMG 3000 Introduction to Sports Management
  • SPMG 3100 Sports Marketing
  • SPMG 4000 Sports Law
  • SPMG 4200 Facilities and Event Management
  • SPMG 4460 Internship in Sports Management

B.A. in Nonprofit Leadership
The Nonprofit Leadership Program is an interdisciplinary program housed in the Department of Business and Nonprofit Studies and is designed to prepare students for effective leadership in a wide variety of non-profit organizations. The program draws from a broad array of liberal arts and professional courses selected to equip students with the critical thinking, communication, and servant leadership skills needed for a successful professional career. The program includes an internship and capstone research experience that will provide students with focused, practical experience in a setting of their choosing.

The required courses in for the B.A in Nonprofit Leadership include the following:

SOCI 1000 ENGL 3310 ENTR 3000
ENTR 4200 FNCE 3390 MGMT 3370
NPLD 2200 NPLD 4460 NPLD 4490
POLS 3310 or 3312 RLGN 2230 or 2320 RLGN 3560
Any SOCI 2000 level or above  




Entrepreneurship concentration, students will develop the skills and competencies necessary for starting their own business.
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Sports Management
The Sports Management concentration prepares students to apply business principles to the sport industry, with an emphasis on team development and administration and financial management, as well as leadership and ethics in sports.
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As an accountant, you will measure and record financial information. You will also analyze, think critically and make intelligent business decisions that benefit and protect management and investors. CEOs often have accounting backgrounds, so this is a career ladder that can reach the very top.
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