Business Administration

Why a business degree from LaGrange?
Our business program is similar to that of most schools in terms of curriculum (economics, accounting, finance, management, marketing) but distinguishes itself as a unique learning experience through the range of opportunities it offers.

From your first day in class, you'll do independent research, work in teams, debate, participate in panel discussions and make individual and team class presentations. We want you to take charge of your own learning, to engage yourself in the experience and come to know the satisfaction and the sheer joy of becoming a lifelong learner.

Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Sports Management
and Accountancy
Marketing and Entrepreneurship explores the concept of transforming an idea into something financially, socially or politically successful, while the Sports Management concentration supports dozens of fulfilling business-related careers on the playing field, in the locker room or in the front office.

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Meet Business majors:

Alex Henderson
When Alex came to LaGrange to play football, he also came to learn to be a successful businessman. A new concentration added this year was right up his alley.

"A minor in entrepreneurship was started my senior year, and I jumped on it," he says.

Courses are designed to teach prospective business owners how to develop marketing and business plans, and how to raise funds for that company.

Trae Long
"My dad is a certified public accountant, and he suggested I look at accounting. I took the first class in my spring semester of freshman year, and I knew that it made sense for me to do that. I liked it, I was relatively good at it and I knew when I graduated, there would be several jobs where I could use it."

Trae says the Accountancy Department has been a supportive place to learn.

What kind of career can
I expect?

Business graduates typically receive higher starting salaries than most other degree-holders, and their capabilities tend to open a wider range of opportunities.

LaGrange grads have the knowledge and the skill sets to succeed in both the private and the public sector. They are prepared for careers in civic leadership, government and nonprofit organizations. And they have the knowledge and tools to succeed in industries and fields such as banking, human resources, retailing and business analysis.