Art & Design Majors

Art & Design Majors

Why art & design?
Art & Design Majors A personal relationship between faculty and students as well as camaraderie with classmates creates a close-knit and supportive environment in the Art & Design department. Students are given a solid foundation in traditional techniques and in art history, but are then encouraged to explore their own creative expressions. Professors who practice in their fields serve as role models for aspiring artists. Visiting artists underscorae the goals of the program by offering alternative viewpoints in the contemporary arts.

What concentrations in art are available?
In addition to traditional studies in painting and drawing, graphic design, ceramics and sculpture, photography, and art history, we are excited to announce our newest concentration: animation. Animation, the art of bringing things to life, involves 2-dimensional drawings, 3-dimensional stop motion models, computer generated characters, and other animation principles. In addition, we offer a unique program which couples museum studies with art history. The museum studies program draws on the resources of the college museum as well as three local museums.

Art and Design Studio Major Concentrations
    Graphic Design
    Painting and Drawing
    Sculpture and Ceramics

Art History
Art History/ Museum Studies



Careers in Art & Design

LaGrange art students enter the working world well-trained to become professional artists, designers and educators. Our graduates are employed throughout the country as art directors, art teachers and business entrepreneurs. They attribute much of their success to the hands-on knowledge they received here in areas such as electronic imaging, digital photography, graphic communication, photography, ceramics and illustration.

LaGrange College art students have gone on to graduate school and to careers as teachers, commercial and journalistic photographers, graphic designers, studio artists and museum professionals.

If you are interested in any of the various forms of animation, game design, special effects or film making, then the our newest concentration in animation could be for you.