Accountancy Alumni

Adrianne Brown Adrianne Brown
Accountancy Graduate 2008
Tax Associate
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Atlanta, GA

"The accountancy department at LaGrange College not only provides its students with an intensive, challenging curriculum, but also enhances the development of people and professional skills. The program challenges its students to think critically as individuals and also as group members. Whether your post-graduate plans involve graduate school or entering the professional world, the program gives you the knowledge, guidance, confidence, and leadership skills you will need to succeed."

Christie Cullin Christie Cullin
Tax Consultant II
Deloitte Tax LLC
Atlanta, GA
"The professors of the LaGrange College Accounting Department helped me every step of the way through my education. With their guidance and advice I was able to continue my education through a Graduate level and retain a job with one of the big four accounting firms. The accounting classes at LaGrange prepared me for any situation I may face, both technical and client service related. I feel as though I would not be as well rounded today if it weren't for my experience at LaGrange College."

Melissa Lashley Melissa Lashley
Accountancy Graduate 2001
RFR Systems Supervisor
Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

"I thoroughly enjoyed my tenure at LaGrange College. The small class size allowed me to gain great knowledge from my professors both professionally and personally. I don't think I could have been any better prepared for my accounting career than I was at LC!"

Rob Looney Rob Looney
Accountancy Graduate 2002
Business Operations Manager
Comcast Cable
Jackson, MS
"The accounting education I received at LaGrange College was second to none, but the leadership skills that I developed through the small class settings and opportunities to lead groups both within the Accounting department and throughout the LaGrange college community prepared me for a career as not only an accountant, but also a business leader."

Larry C. Love Larry C. Love
Accountancy graduate 2006
MBA Graduate Student & Graduate Assistant for Accounting & Finance Department
University of West Florida
"The accountancy program at LaGrange College is arguably one of the toughest and best majors on campus.The challenges are great, but the rewards are far greater."


Michael Nunn Michael Nunn
Accountancy Graduate 2005
Senior Financial Analyst
Verizon Wireless
Alpharetta, GA

"The hands-on method taught by the LC Accountancy Dept has provided me the confidence and valuable skills necessary to be successful in the business world."

Rebecca Teel Rebecca Teel
Accountancy graduate 2006
Senior Accountant
Ernst & Young
Atlanta, GA
"Working as an auditor at Ernst & Young I realize how much the Accountancy Department at LaGrange College prepared me for my professional life as a CPA. Every day I put to use my ability to research authoritative accounting guidance - a skill with which I got comfortable while at LC. Additionally, the teaming aspect of the curriculum is a great example of what it is like in the work force. As an auditor at Ernst & Young I only work in teams. LaGrange College did an excellent job preparing me for the research, critical thinking, analytical, and teaming skills required to succeed in this field. LC was a place of welcome and challenge, which made it the perfect learning environment to prepare me for the challenges of public accounting."

Michael G. Thomas Jr.Michael G. Thomas Jr.
Accountancy graduate 2005
Admission Counselor
LaGrange College
LaGrange, GA
"My experiences in the LC Accountancy Program taught me that it is not enough to be mediocre. Excellence is the standard. The values I learned have proven to be invaluable in my professional and personal life."